Global Studies

What is Global Studies?

Lehigh’s undergraduate major and minor in global studies gives students crucial knowledge and skills that will set them apart in the 21st-century world and helps them succeed in an increasingly globalized context. It helps them anticipate the social, cultural, economic and political changes brought about by globalization—and the resistance to globalization.

Almost every aspect of human existence has been touched by the dynamic of globalization, yet the origins, history, evolution, and impact of globalization—even its very definition—are subject to intense debate. We can surely say, however, that every student leaving college and entering the workforce should have a fundamental understanding of globalization.

Global studies better prepares students to draw connections in an interdependent and interconnected world. It is emphatically interdisciplinary, with professors from anthropology, journalism, sociology, modern languages and literature, religion studies, political science, history, international relations, and other fields.

Global Studies Careers

Lehigh’s global studies alumni pursue a wide array of careers. On the business side, these include communications and marketing, finance, management consulting, and media. On the nonprofit and public service side, they include education, international development, policy research, and public health.

Global Studies Degree Contact

Allison Mickel, program director: | (610) 758-3996
Office of Interdisciplinary Programs: | (610) 758-3996

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