Film and Documentary Studies

Film and Documentary Studies Minor Overview

Lehigh's film studies minor offers students the opportunity to think critically and creatively about prominent forms of visual culture that permeate our world. Courses examine different film genres and movements, various national traditions and recent television series that draw on the sophisticated visual and narrative strategies of cinema. Film studies minors learn to analyze the power and function of filmic communication, appreciate various modes of visual messaging and have the chance to produce film and build a professional portfolio.

Careers in Film and Documentary Studies

A film and documentary studies minor at Lehigh prepares students for careers in the film, television and visual culture industries. Skills learned in these courses can also be valuable for careers in advertising, marketing, journalism, education, engineering, politics and various health care professions.

Film and Documentary Studies Minor Contact

Vera Stegmann, Director of Film and Documentary Studies: | (610) 758-5026

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