Environmental Engineering

What is Environmental Engineering?

Lehigh’s undergraduate major and minor in environmental engineering delivers by bringing a multidisciplinary approach to the causes, control and prevention of environmental problems. Students receive rigorous training in the fundamentals of the natural sciences, mathematics and scientific methods while completing complementary coursework in the humanities and social sciences. They learn intangibles like innovation, teamwork, leadership and communication skills—all of which allow them to become better and more effective engineers.

The program offers a wide variety of environmental engineering courses, including chemistry, environmental science, chemical engineering, hydraulic engineering, pollution control and waste management, and geo-environmental engineering. These classes are enhanced by a dynamic, collegial environment where students are encouraged to connect and collaborate with one another—to have fun, explore their passions, and make lasting connections with peers, faculty and working engineers.

What do Environmental Engineers do?

Lehigh’s environmental engineering alumni tackle real-world problems around the globe. They find solutions to the planet’s environmental challenges like air pollution, access to clean water, waste management, wastewater treatment and public health.

The program provides a solid foundation in the causes, control and prevention of environmental problems while training students to address and ultimately solve them. Renowned faculty provide a broad base of learning and research opportunities that prepare students to become leaders in their field and to make a difference in the world around them. Students are provided with the tools to pursue focused projects that have real impact.

Environmental Engineering Degree Contact

Robin Armbruster, administrative specialist for undergraduate studies: rma2@lehigh.edu | (610) 758-4025

College of Engineering Central Inbox: engineering@lehigh.edu | (610) 758-5308

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