Energy Engineering

Energy Engineering Minor Overview

Lehigh’s undergraduate minor in energy engineering touches upon the technologies associated with the transformation and use of energy in various forms. Since every sector of engineering and the economy requires energies of one form or another, the courses included in this minor cover fossil, nuclear and renewable energy technologies.

The mechanical engineering curriculum provides the fundamental knowledge in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and other related areas leading up to the courses for the energy engineering minor. The courses offer a wide variety of topics, including fundamental, analytical and design aspects of energy conservation as well as various forms of energy used in power generation, transportation and industry.

Career Opportunities

Lehigh alumni with a minor in energy engineering work in renewable energy, sustainable energy and other fields.

Energy Engineering Minor Contact

Robin Armbruster, administrative specialist for undergraduate studies: | (610) 758-4025

College of Engineering Central Inbox: | (610) 758-5308

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