Elementary & Secondary Education

Elementary & Secondary Education 4:1 Accelerated Master’s Program

The College of Education offers a five-year degree program that is designed to allow students to earn a bachelor’s degree in the major of their choosing, a master’s degree in Elementary or Secondary Education, and a Pennsylvania Teacher Certification in five years instead of the traditional six. Lehigh is accredited by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to certify elementary general education teachers in grades Prek-4 and to certify secondary general education teachers in grades 7-12 in specific content areas: Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space Science, General Science, Physics, English, Mathematics, and Social Studies. Students traditionally align their BA or BS towards these areas of certification. Students may apply to the 5 year program at the end of their freshman year.

Careers in Elementary & Secondary Education

Graduates with an Elementary & Secondary Education degree work as teachers in public and private schools.

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