Economics (College of Business)

Economics (College of Business) Major Overview

The Economics Major provides students with a solid grounding in the basic tools and models used in economic analysis.  After mastering intermediate micro and macroeconomics, students choose from a wide range of upper level classes to learn how these tools and models are applied to vital issues such as changes in the labor market, implications of the rise of new internet-based firms, changes in financial markets, or challenges presented by pollution and climate change, among many others.  Combined with the College of Business core, this major prepares students for careers in business, consulting, non-profit organizations, or government.

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Degrees Offered

  • Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics degree with a major in Economics
  • Bachelor of Science in Integrated Business and Engineering degree with a major in Economics

Career Opportunities

Lehigh’s economics alumni work as market research analysts, consultants, actuaries, credit analysts, financial analysts, policy analysts, and management consultants, in academia, and as teachers.

Economics Major Contact

College of Business Undergraduate Programs Office: | (610) 758-3400

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