Economics (College of Arts and Sciences)

Economics (College of Arts and Sciences) Degree Overview

Lehigh offers a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Science degree in the CAS, which allows students to tailor their study of economics to match their interests.  All students take principles of economics as well as intermediate micro and macroeconomics, where they learn the basic tools and models used in economic analysis.  Students then choose from a wide variety of upper level courses to learn how these tools and models are applied to illuminate important problems in such areas as labor markets, financial markets, international finance and trade, healthcare, and the environment, among others.  Students who pursue the BA are prepared for careers in law, consulting, public policy, and business.  Students who pursue the BS are prepared for more technical consulting careers or graduate school.   All students will be better prepared to critically evaluate economic news in the media and from other sources.

Career Opportunities

Lehigh’s economics alumni work as market research analysts, consultants, actuaries, credit analysts, financial analysts, policy analysts, management consultants, in academia, and as teachers.

Economics (College of Arts and Sciences) Degree Contact

Shin-Yi Chou, Chair:
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