Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering Degree Overview

Lehigh’s undergraduate major in computer engineering provides students a rigorous curriculum and opportunities to work with professors on challenging and engaging research projects. Students benefit from the personal attention typical of small colleges while having access to the active research environment typical of large research universities.

Students learn to design and analyze complex systems, work in teams with their peers to develop digital systems and software, and solve real-world problems by creatively applying the fundamental principles of system design. The program prepares students for careers in established and emerging fields that require combining hardware and software skills.

What Can You Do with a Computer Engineering Degree?

Lehigh’s computer engineering alumni go on to design individual microprocessors, personal computers, supercomputers, biomedical devices, automobile control systems, and industrial robotics. They work in areas like circuit design, embedded systems, communications, and networking. They solve technologically challenging problems using their critical thinking skills, specialized knowledge of computer engineering, and fundamental knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering principles.

Computer Engineering Degree Contact

Robin Armbruster, administrative specialist for undergraduate studies: | (610) 758-4025

College of Engineering Central Inbox: | (610) 758-5308

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