Community and Global Health

Community and Global Health Degree Overview

Grounded in interdisciplinarity, the Bachelor of Arts degree in Community and Global Health degree will prepare students to improve global and domestic health outcomes. The degree emphasizes conceptual, methodological, and analytical approaches to implementing health services, interventions, and programs in response to community needs. With a strong grounding in determinants of health, and an emphasis on cultural understandings of health, students learn to translate theory into actionable knowledge and practice. Classes include both qualitative and quantitative methods, cross-cultural and diversity topics, biological and environmental determinants of health, commercial determinants of health, and sociocultural and political determinants of health. Students apply their knowledge in a required field experience in a local or global community.

Community and Global Health Degree Contact

Michael Gusmano, PhD, Associate Dean for Academic Programs:| (610) 758-1800
Jennifer Topp, Assistant Director, Student Experiences:| (610) 758-1800

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