Cognitive Science

What is Cognitive Science?

Lehigh’s undergraduate major and minor in cognitive science provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the mind.

Cognitive science is the scientific study of minds and brains. Researchers study how people, other animals, and computers perceive, understand, learn, and act. They try to understand the fundamental nature of intelligence and how it arises from material substances. They ask how understanding human intelligence can improve the performance of machines, and how intelligent machines can augment human thought. They study how cognitive functions develop, and how they break down when brains or machines are damaged. Cognitive Science is inherently interdisciplinary, bringing together methods and discoveries from psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, anthropology, philosophy, and computer science.

Careers in Cognitive Science

Lehigh’s cognitive science alumni have careers in fields including telecommunications, medical analysis, data representation and retrieval, intelligence analysis, human factors engineering, computer-human interaction, artificial intelligence, human performance testing, speech synthesis and voice recognition, multimedia design, linguistic analysis and education.

Cognitive Science Degree Contact

Kiri Lee, program director: | (610) 758-4474
Office of Interdisciplinary Programs: | (610) 758-3996

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