What is Chemistry?

Lehigh’s B.S. degrees in chemistry are designed to provide students with a broad background in chemistry while simultaneously offering opportunities to explore cutting-edge, multidisciplinary research problems. Several courses are offered in the core and in the customizable curriculum that have integrated interactive group approaches to study, such as studio in introductory chemistry, workshops in organic, and project groups in analytical and physical laboratories. Working in groups enhances learning and student satisfaction.

Research opportunities are available in areas such as materials chemistry, biological chemistry, surface chemistry, and nanoscience and technology, along with traditional disciplines of analytical, inorganic, organic and physical chemistry. Research is an option that 70 percent of the majors in chemistry and biochemistry select. Faculty in chemistry welcome undergraduates into their research groups. Students work on important projects in areas that have a direct impact on society: New diagnostic assays for HIV antigens, pharmaceuticals for rage suppression, drug delivery by novel liposomes, new catalysts for synthesis of fuels and smart surfaces are only a few of the research projects available to undergraduates.

The B.A. program in the College of Arts and Sciences is not a pre-professional program and may be chosen by students who do not plan to do graduate work in chemistry or allied science but want a stronger background in chemistry than is provided in the chemistry minor program. The B.A. program also affords a useful tie-in with health-related chemistry, environmental chemistry, geochemistry or chemistry management options. Students may transfer from the B.S. to B.A. programs or vice versa as late as the junior year, since basic requirements are the same for the two.

Types of Degrees

  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with American Chemical Society Certification
  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with Analytical/Physical Concentration
  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with Polymers Concentration
  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with Materials Concentration
  • Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry with Business Concentration
  • Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry with Health Professions Concentration
  • Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry (Interdepartmental Degree)
  • Minor in Chemistry

Chemistry Careers

Lehigh’s B.S. chemistry alumni work as analytical chemists, chemical engineers, healthcare scientists, forensic scientists, pharmacologists, toxicologists, and as research assistants. They also work in academia and as teachers. Alumni in the B.A. in business or chemistry health professions work in all facets of the healthcare world, including in laboratories, policy, government and the private sector.

Chemistry Degree Contacts

Greg Ferguson, chair:
Kerry Livermore, undergraduate and graduate coordinator: | (610) 758-3471

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