What is Bioengineering?

Lehigh’s undergraduate major in bioengineering offers training at the interface of engineering, the life and physical sciences, and healthcare. This highly interdisciplinary program bridges rigorous training in the engineering and physical sciences with biology and bioengineering applications. Students in the program learn how biological systems work, develop analytical skills and use advanced tools in experimentation, modeling and simulation. They apply their knowledge to areas such as design, synthesis, manufacturing and healthcare while cultivating strong communication skills, innovation, creativity and problem-solving skills.

Bioengineering Careers

Lehigh’s bioengineering alumni work in established and emerging fields such as healthcare, biomedicine, pharmaceuticals, biomaterials and other biotechnology-related industries. They use engineering applications to address and solve challenges in the fields of biology and medicine and create usable, tangible products. Many develop and evaluate systems and devices that solve medical and health-related problems, such as artificial organs, prostheses, instrumentation, medical information systems, and health management and care delivery systems.

Bioengineering Degree Contact

Robin Armbruster, administrative specialist for undergraduate studies: | (610) 758-4025

College of Engineering Central Inbox: | (610) 758-5308

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