What is Astrophysics?

Lehigh’s undergraduate major in astrophysics is designed for students who wish to go on to graduate studies in the subject, with the goal of becoming professional astronomers.

Astrophysicists apply physics and mathematics to the study of planets, stars, galaxies, pulsars, black holes, quasars and the universe, among many other fascinating objects, in order to understand their origin, evolution and ultimate fate. Students who major in astrophysics usually have very inquisitive minds and a good aptitude for physics and mathematics. The bachelor degree program in astrophysics provides students with a solid background in laboratory and theoretical astrophysics as well as in the fundamentals of physics and mathematics.

What Can You Do with an Astrophysics Degree?

Lehigh’s astrophysics alumni work in positions at colleges, universities, national labs, and at NASA or with its contractors. The degree prepares students for many jobs in related fields such as computer science, mathematics or physics.

Astrophysics Degree Contact

Michael Stavola, chair: | (610) 758-3930

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