Africana Studies

What is Africana Studies?

Lehigh’s undergraduate major and minor in Africana Studies is an interdepartmental program for students who wish to integrate the insights and methods of several disciplines to understand the history, culture, social, and political experience of people of African descent globally.

In the best tradition of a liberal arts education, Africana Studies expands all Lehigh students’ critical understanding of their own heritage in interaction with other cultures.  The program provides wide-ranging foci and research interests including Hip Hop cultural studies, African-American Literature, Identity and Difference, art history, theory and method in the study of religion, critical race theory, Women, Gender, Sexuality in the African Diaspora, African-American theatre history/performance, race and culture in Africa and the African Diaspora, and more.

Careers in Africana Studies

Lehigh alumni with a degree in Africana Studies have careers in business, academics, advocacy, politics, government, publishing, the arts, research, and more.

Africana Studies Degree Contact

Vera Fennell, co-director:
Bruce Whitehouse, co-director: bruce.whitehouse@lehigh.eduu

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