Technical Entrepreneurship Program

Master’s in Technical Entrepreneurship Program Overview

Technical Entrepreneurship (TE) immerses graduate students into both sides of the innovation process—technical product development and entrepreneurial venture creation. It is a practical and academic blend that is as unique as it is powerful.

Students from all backgrounds and experience levels learn the tools and mindset of interdisciplinary collaboration and iterative problem-solving. Working together with your cohort, as well as independently, you will unlock your entrepreneurial potential through design thinking, agile project management, and hands-on projects.

TE students learn the technical aspects of innovation from ideation/design sprints, intellectual property, and prototyping to integrated product development, beta testing, and design-for-manufacturing. They build fluency in the principles and tools of venture, including stakeholder engagement, business modeling, and cash flow, as well as leading diverse teams, strategizing for finance/scale, and presenting across platforms.

Upon graduation, TE students join a tight-knit, global network of alumni—innovators who are shaking up industry, driving early-stage start-ups, revamping family businesses, running companies, and pushing the innovation envelope.

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