International School Counseling

International School Counseling Master's Overview

The International Counseling Master's degree is designed for those living outside the United States and who work at international schools with students from different countries, including the United States. We do not accept students into this program that live and work in the U.S.

The majority of coursework is online, but students are required to take intensive in-person classes in the summer in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and Athens, Greece. Graduates of the program who are U.S. citizens can receive Pennsylvania certification as school counselors. International students may receive certification in other states (e.g., New Jersey), but not Pennsylvania.

Study prepares students to work with individuals and groups from diverse backgrounds and developmental stages, helping them to gain skills for living in a complex society. Students learn how to help children and families navigate the transitions they face living in a culture different from their own.

The M.Ed. requires the completion of 16 courses (48 credits) based on the standards of the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  A typical course load of one or two courses in the fall, one during January Intersession, one or two in the spring, and two or three in the summer enables students to complete the program in two to three years

International School Counseling Certificate Overview

School counselors are vital to fostering healthy school environments so children can thrive. This program is designed for educators in international schools who want to advance their skills and knowledge to promote the social and emotional well-being of students inside and outside the classroom. Lehigh’s International School Counseling students benefit not just from faculty expertise, but also in learning from—and networking with—each other about issues and strategies in school settings around the world. The program attracts a very diverse group of educators with a wide range of backgrounds who enrich the curriculum by sharing their experiences. The certificate program requires four courses for 12 credits. This hybrid program can be completed in a year, with two courses online and two in person at intensive summer institutes at locations in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and Athens, Greece, in alternating years. The certificate course can be a springboard to Lehigh’s master’s degree in International School Counseling, with all 12 credits applied to the master’s program. Many students choose this option.

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