Stories about NSF

Looking back at some of the biggest Lehigh stories of the year.

Funding will support project that aims to provide digital maps to improve accessibility and navigation for persons with disabilities.

Jihyun Kim and Esther Lindström have received funding to explore the effects of states’ dual-licensure policies on teacher preparation quality and outcomes for students with disabilities.

The Lehigh students and one recent alumna are among the 2,051 students offered fellowships in 2019.

The model and its corresponding open-source software will help researchers understand how the damage process evolves over time.

Slowly adding heat during atomic layer deposition while using an electron beam to monitor the process, Nicholas Strandwitz is helping technology to continue to shrink.

With recent NSF support, Lehigh science, engineering and education faculty will develop a new approach to graduate education centered around a stronger collaboration between academia and industry than the traditional method.