Stories about computer science and engineering

Paolo Bocchini, Daniel Conus, Brian Davison and their colleagues leverage their collaborative experience in probabilistic modeling to sharpen their focus on catastrophe modeling, a discipline not traditionally explored in academia.

Jeff Trinkle and his colleagues work to advance intrinsically safe soft robots, the future of human-machine collaboration.

Baumer’s work ranges from humanizing algorithmic designs to the socioeconomic inequities of Facebook and online data privacy.

Lopresti will join the Computing Community Consortium for the presentation of a 20-year roadmap for artificial intelligence (AI) research in the U.S., offering a vision for a strategic path to unleashing the full potential of AI for the greatest societal benefit.

Lehigh researchers’ work in foundational optimization aims to improve our ability to learn from massive amounts of data more efficiently.

Lehigh artificial intelligence expert co-creates first automated white box testing model to shine light into the black box of deep learning systems like self-driving cars.

Mooi Choo Chuah is a co-chair for an international conference on connected health.

Computer-aided diagnostic technique could reduce need for second surgeries, researchers say.

Senior projects showcase the growing impact of electrical and computer engineering.

Xiaolei Huang’s image-based cervical cancer screening technique could outperform PAP and HPV tests.