Stories about Architecture and Design

small cities illustration

College of Arts and Sciences Initiative Aims to Help Small Cities

The college launches the Small Cities Lab to provide an interdisciplinary research approach to finding solutions to the problems facing small cities.

Paul Salerni conducting

Take a Bow: Five Professors Transformed Music, Theater, Art and Architecture at Lehigh

As Future Makers, Paul Salerni, Steven Sametz, Augustine Ripa, Lucy Gans and Christine Ussler ’81 influenced generations of students.

Illustration of public art work

Public Art by Wes Heiss in Denver Neighborhoods Explores Past, Present and Future

Heiss explores: What's so special about this place?

Jared Della Valle

Architect Jared Della Valle is Designing Change

Della Valle ’93, an architect and developer, strives to build innovative, sustainable buildings. An all-electric skyscraper in Brooklyn is his latest project.

Wes Heiss Art

Professor’s Artwork Transforms Community Park in Denver

The four public art works were inspired by input from community members and historical research.

Bench made from wood

Design: Benches as Art

A furniture design course created benches for community use in art galleries.

Target hanging in a room

Eugene Han Tracks Eye Movement to Understand Visual Perception of Art and Space

Han analyzes eye movements to integrate theories of phenomenological aesthetics with the psychology of perception.

Quilted material with images--art by Anna Chupa at Lehigh University

The Creation of Art & Knowledge at a University Museum

A Lehigh University Art Galleries exhibition of faculty work celebrates artists as researchers.

3D shapes

Nik Nikolov Explores Structural Topology Optimization As a Tool for Architectural Design

The approach, not widely used in architecture and the building sciences, gives rise to important questions.

Designing a Business