Lehigh's football cannon firing at game

Multiple alumni wrote in with their memories of Lehigh's original football cannon after reading "Lost, Found, Then Lost Again" in the Fall 2023 edition of Lehigh's Alumni Bulletin. The refurbished cannon was fired at The Rivalry game on Nov. 18, 2023.

Spring 2024 Lehigh Alumni Bulletin Correspondence

Letters to the editor in the Spring 2024 edition of the Lehigh Alumni Bulletin.

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Holly Fasching ’26


When I was a kid, you could always tell when we scored or the game was resuming by the cannon in the distance. I was walking up at Sayre Field one day when I started my studies at Lehigh (mid-1990s) and one of the athletic management people was there working in a storage area. I flagged him down, and during the conversation I told him that I remembered hearing the cannon as a young kid at Taylor and asked why we didn’t have a cannon at Goodman. He said, “It’s missing. It had sentimental value for many of us, so they don't want to replace it.”

Nice to see it back and in good hands. I’m all about history and tradition.

Gerry Repash ’06G


I just read Stephen Gross’s story on the Lehigh Cannon. As a member of the KA cannon crew 1988-90, I had recently been wondering if it was ever found.

I handled it and fired it at the presentation ceremony, which I thought was 1989, but could have been the ’88 season.

KA was successful in handling/storing the cannon in a secret location, and it was stolen shortly after the university took control of it. If I recall, it was stolen from the field house at Goodman Stadium in the offseason. Needless to say, we were a little annoyed at KA that it was stolen shortly after we were relieved of the responsibility of storing it.

Sean Carberry ’91


I just happened to stumble upon Brooke Eby on Instagram. She is a beacon of hope for all. ... Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I think of her. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading her story in the Bulletin.

—Joan Brosious


Despite what I learned in Eco 145 (Stats) and Law 201 (Business Law) about odds and probability, I left my College of Business & Economics science requirement to my last semester, hoping the requirement would be dropped; such would not be the case. Geo 11 (Environmental Geology), with Professor Ed Evenson, turned out to be one of my favorite Lehigh classes, largely due to Professor Evenson’s engaging style of instruction and his passion for his subject matter. The curriculum in Geo 11 had a huge impact on me, then, and continuing to this day. Thank you, Professor Evenson; you made a difference—Hail and Farewell.

—David Polakoff ’86
Class of 1986 Correspondent

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Photography by

Holly Fasching ’26

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