Stories about In Remembrance

In his 50-plus-year career at Lehigh, he was believed to have taught more students than any other professor at the university.

Peter J. Carril made 11 NCAA tournament appearances and won the 1975 NIT championship as a coach.

The former reference librarian at Linderman Library served as president of the Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education and won the Neuber-Pregler Award in 1998.

Pense, who rose through the ranks from professor to provost, was a renowned figure in the world of metallurgy research and education.

James Sturm was the ‘go-to guy’ for students striving to master physical chemistry.

King, who had a 45-year career at Lehigh, had a gift for explaining 'the beauty' of mathematics.

He served on Lehigh’s faculty for more than 39 years

He led popular bridge tours throughout the Lehigh Valley