Soaring Together Celebration to Include Events, Projects

Lehigh celebrates 50 years of coeducation.

Lehigh University is marking 50 years of undergraduate coeducation with Soaring Together, a celebration of the impact and contributions of all Lehigh women―past, present, and future. With an eye for how women changed Lehigh and how Lehigh women are changing our world, the celebration will include a host of events, programs, and projects from across the university. 

Soaring Together logo

Soaring Together will also provide a platform for research, scholarship, and discourse around issues related to women, gender, society, and more. In addition, the milestone is an opportunity to explore new ways to support women and to strengthen our university and our community of students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Lehigh is already gearing up for the celebration, which will kick off in earnest in August 2021 as we observe the 50th anniversary of the arrival of the Class of 1975, Lehigh’s first class that included women as full-time undergraduate students.

Watch for the Soaring Together logo on events, programs, and stories related to the celebration, including:

  • A special edition of the Bulletin, August 2021
  • The Rally, featuring the Class of 1975 welcoming the Class of 2025
  • Profiles, podcasts, and news coverage
  • Founder’s Celebration and Family Week programs
  • Mountain Talk webinars
  • Alumni Book Club selections
  • Lectures and panel discussions
  • Exhibits
  • Research highlights

Be part of it! All members of the Lehigh community are invited to connect their own projects, events, and programs related to Lehigh women. Visit or email for information.

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