Bulletin - Spring 2019

Bulletin | Spring 2019 Spring 2019 Bulletin cover

The Spring 2019 Bulletin highlights the work of Ricky Kirshner ’82, the man behind the Super Bowl halftime shows and other televised cultural phenomena. The issue also introduces readers to the inaugural dean of Lehigh’s College of Health, Whitney Witt, and looks back on the proud history of Lehigh’s choral arts program.

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Ricky Kirshner

'Super' Producer

The Emmy winning Kirshner ’82 is the force behind the Super Bowl halftime show, the Tony Awards and other cultural phenomena.

Ricky Kirshner

Lehigh University Choral Arts Celebrates 150 Years of Organized Singing

In a concert called Shine On in the Zoellner Arts Center, Choral Arts traced the history of choral singing at the university.

Ricky Kirshner

Shaping Lehigh Leaders

How six days in the mountains change perspectives and bolster ambitions.

Ricky Kirshner

Brand as Friend, Brand as Foe

Marketers have worked on brand anthropomorphism to build a stronger connection with consumers. Marina Puzakova’s work explores what happens when they succeed.

Ricky Kirshner

It’s Gilmore’s Gig

Gilmore, who was on Lehigh’s coaching staff 15 years ago, returns to lead the football program.