Lisa Getzler, Vice Provost for Entrepreneurship

Lisa Getzler Named Vice Provost for Entrepreneurship

Getzler will guide Lehigh's new direction in entrepreneurship.

Photography by

Christa Neu

Lisa Getzler, executive director of the Baker Institute, has been named vice provost for entrepreneurship at Lehigh. In this new role, Getzler will lead entrepreneurship strategy and practice within the framework of Lehigh's new strategic plan, Inspiring the Future Makers. University-based entrepreneurship efforts enhance the impact of faculty and student research, provide important opportunities for students at all levels and support economic development in our region by facilitating the creation of new startup companies and non-profit ventures. Through actions like the creation of the new Lehigh Venture Lab and expanding support of Lehigh entrepreneurs, Getzler has elevated entrepreneurship education and practice at Lehigh. This new role is a reflection of her work and success in this space and an effort to better support entrepreneurship by Lehigh students, faculty and alumni.

Getzler began her career at Lehigh in 2001 when she assumed the role of associate director of the integrated product development (IPD) program. In 2010, she was appointed co-executive director of the Baker Institute for Entrepreneurship, Creativity, and Innovation. She became executive director of the institute in 2013 and has since been responsible for its strategy, mission-driven program design, internal and external partnerships and resource development.

Getzler has worked to champion forward-looking approaches to developing students' intellectual property and is nationally known for developing assessment tools to measure student performance in multi-disciplined, team-based, immersive learning environments. In 2017 she spearheaded efforts to develop Lehigh@NasdaqCenter, a partnership between Lehigh and the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center in San Francisco, which led Lehigh to create a permanent, year-round academic presence on the West Coast.

In an email to campus, Provost Nathan Urban noted that this new position signifies that he intends to "enhance entrepreneurial training and practice across the entire Lehigh campus - both for venture creation and mindset development." In this role, Getzler will foster greater clarity and coordination of entrepreneurship-related programs across Lehigh. She will continue to develop relationships both internally and externally to promote Lehigh as a stronghold for entrepreneurship education and practice and work with university leaders to develop and support fundraising and resourcing strategies.

With deep institutional knowledge of Lehigh’s entrepreneurial history, Getzler will help to solidify Lehigh’s place as a pioneer in entrepreneurial education and venture incubation.

Photography by

Christa Neu

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