students learn to build, simulate and race a one-tenth scale Ford Fiesta.

Lehigh students learn to build, simulate and race a one-tenth scale Ford Fiesta in Introduction to Robotics course.

Inside the Classroom

Step inside student learning at Lehighfrom courses in mechanical engineering and numerical methods to robotics and the fundamentals of drawing.

Videography by

Stephanie Veto

Playing Solitaire to learn numerical methods. Building, simulating and racing a miniature model car to understand robotics. Exploring how to make materials from particle-based processes. Students across disciplines are immersed in learning at Lehigh. These videos take viewers inside some of Lehigh's classrooms and labs, with professors engaging students in both research and the learning process and encouraging curiosity.

Introduction to Robotics

Lehigh Professor Rosa Zheng teaches a five-week Introduction to Robotics class for first-year engineering students as part of the Electrical and Computer Engineering department lab course. Here, students learn to build, simulate and race a one-tenth scale Ford Fiesta.


Commonly known as the senior lab, Mechanical Engineering 207 introduces different types of mechanics to engineering majors. In this video, assistant professor Ebru Demir teaches the mechatronics portion of the semester.

The Fundamentals of Drawing

Deirdre Murphy, teaching assistant professor in art, architecture and design, instructs Lehigh students on the fundamentals of drawing in her Drawing One course. The course is available to any student interested in building skills in drawing from observation.

Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics

Hannah Dailey ’02 ’06G ’09G, an associate professor in the department of Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics at Lehigh, teaches numerical methods by mixing what students are learning with games such as Solitaire to help make a fun and tangible connection.

Making Materials from Particle-based Processes

James Gilchrist, the Ruth H. and Sam Madrid Professor of chemical and biological engineering at Lehigh, runs the Laboratory for Particle Mixing and Self-Organization. The lab explores making materials from particle-based processes.

Videography by

Stephanie Veto

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