Stories about Go Campaign

The gift will endow the Iacocca Institute and support Lehigh’s global initiatives.

These are unprecedented times for both the world and for Lehigh. But, in true Lehigh fashion, our community continues to take action to generously support Lehigh and assure its continued excellence.

The Future of Interdisciplinary Research at Lehigh

A video of the beam being hoisted into place is shared during Lehigh’s Founder’s Day celebration Oct. 2.

The university honors the legacy of founder Asa Packer in video tribute and virtual events.

The gift from Ellen and Vincent Forlenza ’75 will assist in recruiting top talent for Lehigh's newest college.

Singleton gift names third house in Phase I of New Residential Houses.

“The Grind @ FML” won a naming contest for the cafe, which officially opened to students, faculty and staff in September.

Lehigh's Path to Prominence takes shape with the introduction of various new buildings on campus.

The Founder’s Weekend event featured the unveiling of the senior class numbers, the presentation of walking sticks to student leaders, food trucks and student performances.