April 2023 - Status Update for Clayton UC Construction

The renovation of the Clayton University Center is in progress and on track. View progress photos on the construction website.

What's coming up in the construction process over the spring and summer? 



  • Reimagined spaces for dining, studying, socializing and meeting
  • A large campus “living room” where students will relax, eat or collaborate on projects
  • Eateries offering an array of options
  • Lounge areas and club space for student organizations  
  • Improved mechanical and life safety systems 
  • A new open stair between the second and third floors to better connect the floors.

Current progress:

- Interior building demolition is wrapping up 

- Sitework will continue inside and outside the site fence, including the installation of a stormwater infiltration basin in the lawn north of Vresics Walk and new utility lines, including an electric duct bank and sanitary line 

-Structural support steel will be installed

-Rough carpentry work will begin

-Work on the elevators will begin

-Preparation and early work for the electrical, HVAC, plumbing and fire sprinkler systems will begin

-Further development is in progress on the Building Information Model (BIM), which models building systems in advance of fabrication and construction in order to detect clashes and bring visibility to constructability issues



  • A large fire-pit 
  • Masonry cleaned and repointed
  • New walkways, lighting and landscaping 
  • Entryways opened up, allowing more natural light 
  • Enhanced accessibility 
  • The building’s postcard view and stone facade facing the north lawn will be preserved.

Current progress:

- Scaffolding will be going up in the spring 

- The repointing of the masonry will begin, continuing around the building over the next year