Ahmed Rahman Makes Predictions for the 2021 Economy

The professor of economics looks at presidential and pandemic implications and shares his expectations for the 2021 economy with Lehigh Valley Business.

Story by

Emily Collins

Lehigh Valley Business featured Ahmed Rahman, professor of economics, in the article "Looking at presidential and pandemic implications for the 2021 economy." 

Looking into the future of the economy, Rahman seems optimistic.

"It’s exciting," he said. "Looking at the big picture I’d say that [incoming President Joe Biden] is leaning toward a reversal of some of the divergence in the economy."

Rahman predicts one of Biden’s first courses of action will be to reconcile the gap between the gross domestic product and the stock market, reports Lehigh Valley Business.

“The financial markets and the regular economy have been disconnected for quite a while,” he said. “The GDP hopefully will have a big rebound.”

Rahman discusses other topics like wealth disparities, access to credit, and more. 

The full story can be read on the Lehigh Valley Business website.

Story by

Emily Collins

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