Arup SenGupta

Arup SenGupta

A Novel Way to Capture Carbon Pollution

Arup SenGupta leads study published in Science Advances.

Researchers led by Arup SenGupta, professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering and civil and environmental engineering at Lehigh, has developed a novel way to capture carbon pollution from the air, convert it into baking soda and release it harmlessly into the “infinite sink” of the ocean.

The technique is described in a study published in Science Advances. The research has attracted wide attention and has been featured on the BBCCNNFast Company, and The Daily Beast.

“The climate crisis is an international problem,” said SenGupta. “And I believe we have a responsibility to build direct air capture technology in a way that it can be implemented by people and countries around the world. Anyone who can operate a cell phone should be able to operate this process. This is not technology for making money. It’s for saving the world.”

Read the full story here.

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