8.26.20: Last Day to Submit Survey for Alternative COVID-19 Testing Option

A message to students from the Health and Wellness Center

Dear Students,

Today is the deadline to submit the survey informing us of your need for an alternative COVID-19 testing option if you are among those required to have two COVID-19 tests and you have extenuating circumstances in which you are unable to make the onsite COVID-19 testing dates for one or both of your tests. 

If you have already taken one test, you should make your best effort to take your second test on the remaining dates we have provided: August 31 and September 1. However, if you are unable to do so, we will provide an alternative testing option. If you need to take your first test on one of these dates, you should also fill out this form so we know you require a second test. If you missed your first onsite test on Monday because of inclement weather and were unable to take the test yesterday, please take your first test on August 31 or Sept. 1 and complete the survey to indicate that you will need an accommodation for your second test. You should also complete the survey if you need to take both tests after Sept. 1. 

In order to ensure your access to campus facilities, you must inform us of your circumstances so we can accommodate your testing. If you already emailed inopen@lehigh.edu, please still be sure to fill out this survey.

If you will need the alternative testing option, you must complete the survey by midnight tonight. If you do not inform us of your need for alternative testing options, you will be responsible for ordering, obtaining and paying for your required tests directly from Vault Health ($150 for one test, $300 for two).

Students who have completed the survey will receive instructions in the coming days about how to obtain and take their test(s). 

Please remember that students may not access campus or attend in-person classes without a negative test result, and so you should plan accordingly based on your arrival date. 

For additional information, including answers to Frequently Asked Questions and directions to the testing locations, visit the Lehigh COVID-19 Information website. If you have questions not answered in the FAQ, please email inopen@lehigh.edu.