8.20.2020: Timely Action Required: COVID-19 Testing for Later Student Arrivals

A message from the Health and Wellness Center to students regarding COVID-19 testing for later student arrivals. 

Dear Students,

Please disregard this message if you have already completed or registered for your two COVID-19 tests as required and communicated

We understand that some students will not be on campus for the scheduled onsite COVID-19 testing dates and will need to complete one or both of the required tests after these dates. 

Regardless of your arrival date, you are still required to complete two COVID tests and obtain a negative test result to access campus and attend in-person classes. 

If you are able to take your first or second test on campus on August 24, 25, 31 or September 1, please register on one of those dates. We have broadened these date options to be available for reservation by all students who require testing. 

Action Required: Alternative Testing Option

You should make your best effort to take your tests on the dates we have provided. However, for extenuating circumstances in which you are unable to make these testing dates for one or both of your tests, we will provide an alternative testing option. In order to ensure your access to campus facilities, you must inform us of your circumstances so we can accommodate your testing. If you already emailed inopen@lehigh.edu, please still be sure to fill out this survey.

******Please complete this survey by Wednesday, August 26. If you do not inform us of your need for alternative testing options by this date, you will be responsible for obtaining and paying for your required tests from Vault Health ($150 for one test, $300 for two).****** 

Those who require an alternative testing option will have the opportunity to obtain one or two at-home tests, depending on need. Students will receive instructions about how to take the test and then mail the test to Vault Health and await results. All tests must be taken at least five days apart. 

Please remember that students may not access campus or attend in-person classes without a negative test result, and so you should plan accordingly based on your arrival date. Vault Health recommends taking and mailing in testing kits at least six days in advance of when final test results are needed. If you require two at-home tests, you should wait at least five days until taking your second test and do not take your second test until you receive the results of your first test. 

For additional information, including answers to Frequently Asked Questions and directions to the testing locations, visit the Lehigh COVID-19 Information website.