7.20.21: Lehigh University Fall 2021 Move-in Information

A message sent from Housing Services. 

Dear Residential Students and Families,

As we near the start of the Fall 2021 on-campus experience, we have been hard at work to prepare for your arrival, and we are excited to welcome you to Lehigh in the safest and most efficient way possible. Please review the following information carefully with your family. 


  • First-year students: Monday, Aug. 16, through Thursday, Aug. 19
  • Upper-class students: Thursday, Aug. 19, through Sunday, Aug. 22 

To ensure that all students can move into their residential space in a timely and organized manner, move-in will take place by selecting a check-in time block (see below). During that time block, we ask that you check in at Iacocca Hall (Mountaintop Campus), immediately move into your room and then promptly move your vehicle to a designated parking lot. Once your vehicle is moved away from the residence hall, families and guests assisting with your move-in can remain on campus after your designated time block has ended.  

IMPORTANT: If you are part of a university-approved early-arrival group, you do not need to select a check-in time block. Instead, you will receive direct communication about move-in dates/times and processes from your group advisor and/or housing services. Click here for a list of approved early-arrival groups with their arrival dates. 


  • Please click here for information and instructions on how to sign up for your check-in time block via your THD Housing and Dining Self-Service Page
  • All sign-ups will remain active through move-in, and students can revisit their housing and dining self-service page to change their selected date and time should it become necessary to do so. (Please make sure to make any changes at least 2 business days prior to your intended arrival.)
  • In order to ensure a smooth check-in process, it is imperative that students be respectful of their designated check-in time block. Individuals who arrive outside of their designated time block unfortunately will not be able to be accommodated. 


  • ACTION REQUIRED: COVID-19 Immunizations: All undergraduate and graduate students are required to submit verification of full COVID vaccination or to complete a medical/religious exemption request through  the Health and Wellness Center  no later than Wednesday, August 4. You must complete your final dose of an approved COVID vaccine at least 14 days prior to your planned return to campus. Any vaccine approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or under the WHO - Emergency Use Listing will satisfy this requirement. If you have already submitted verification of full vaccination, there is no further action for you to take. 
  • ACTION REQUIRED: Photo for ID card: If you are a first-year or new student, or if you do not have a Lehigh ID, you must submit a photo of yourself in advance to be used on your ID card. The picture must be a color, head-and-shoulders photograph of you facing the camera with a plain background. You must email your photo as a .jpg file to inideal@lehigh.edu by August 1, 2021. Please label your photo file with your LIN (example:876543210.jpg). Recommended picture size is a minimum of 400 x 400 pixels, and a maximum of 800 x 800 pixels.
  • Transportation: We recommend that residents bring only one vehicle to campus to move in. This will help with the flow of traffic for those moving in and the limited parking at each residence hall.

STEP THREE: THE CHECK-IN PROCESS (Iacocca Hall, 111 Research Drive, Bethlehem, PA 18105)

  • Please do not come to campus if you have not been cleared to do so by the Health and Wellness Center. Housing Services will be provided with a list of students who are not cleared by the Health and Wellness Center. If you are not cleared by the Health and Wellness Center, this will slow down your move-in process. To avoid this, please ensure that you have completed all necessary steps to be cleared by the Health and Wellness Center, such as completing all required paperwork. 
  • Upon arrival to campus, all residents will immediately check in at the Iacocca Hall courtyard on the Mountaintop Campus. To ensure a smooth move-in for everyone, please arrive during your designated check-in timeblock. Check-in will occur in a drive-through format in the Iacocca courtyard. All students and guests should remain in their vehicles. 
  • You will receive your room key. Room keys will not be issued to any student who is not cleared by the Health and Wellness Center. Appropriate ID, such as a state Driver’s License or Passport, will be needed to obtain your room key.
  • First-year students will also receive their Lehigh ID card during check-in. If you are a returning student and you have lost your Lehigh ID, please contact the IDEAL Office at inideal@lehigh.edu in advance of your arrival so they can print a replacement ID, which will be provided at check-in. 
  • Students and guests will receive a parking pass that indicates the student’s name/building, which will expire at the end of the designated check-in time block. You are expected to check in, unpack your vehicle and move your vehicle to a designated parking lot during your allotted time block. 


  • Students will follow designated color-coded routes to their assigned residence hall. Once at the residence hall, please unload your vehicle and move it to a designated parking lot within the allotted check-in time block. 

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in helping to make the Lehigh move-in experience efficient and safe. Information continues to be updated on the Housing Services website. Please continue to check your Lehigh email and the Housing Services website regularly for any updates. Thank you for your attention to these detailed instructions. We look forward to seeing you soon. 

Housing Services