5.28.20: Move-Out Instructions

An update to students who have belongings remaining in residence halls.

Dear Student,

We hope you and your family are well. Thank you for your patience with regards to retrieving your belongings from Lehigh University. 

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf recently announced that as part of a phased reopening for the Commonwealth, Northampton County, where Lehigh is located, is anticipated to move to a “yellow” designation on June 5, loosening some restrictions from the original stay-at-home order that prevented the in-person retrieval of belongings.

It is with this designation that we may begin to plan for an in-person move-out process that incorporates appropriate health and social distancing guidelines. The plan outlined below has been developed to ensure the university is taking every precaution possible to maintain a safe environment.

Action required: Select a Move-Out Appointment by June 10 (Sign-Up will open on Monday, June 1)

● In order to adhere to social distancing guidelines and ensure as safe an environment as possible, each student will sign up to move out during a designated time block on a specific date. Time blocks will limit the number of people able to move out of a building and floor at the same time. 

● We anticipate that the move-out process will begin on Friday, June 5. We will be providing a variety of time blocks beginning June 5 and continuing through Monday, June 22, from 8 a.m.-11 a.m., Noon-3 p.m. and 4 p.m.-7 p.m., including weekend options. In order to request a move-out appointment, the process will go live in THD Self Service for all students with belongings on campus on Monday, June 1. You will choose a date and time to move out your belongings on a first-come, first-served basis. We will provide confirmation of that date and time the next business day so you can finalize travel and/or make accommodations.

 Please sign up for an appointment or contact with a moving company by June 10. Any student who does not complete the form by the June 10 deadline will automatically be designated as having selected the “pack” option, which means that their belongings will be packed by a moving company and stored at the student’s expense. Please note that your items will not be available until on-campus classes resume.

● Please coordinate with your roommates, as you will not be permitted to come during the same time block.

● In order to limit traffic, students will be limited to two people assisting in moving them out. As we work to minimize physical contact, please note that university personnel will not be available to help move out belongings. In keeping with current campus requirements, each person assisting with move-out must wear a mask at all times. Please remember to bring a mask with you, as we will not be able to provide them.

● Also note that time limits will be strictly enforced due to high demand for building access to retrieve belongings.

● Be sure to bring your ID and Key. If you don’t have both, please fill out this form (the form will become active when the appointment sign-up launches on June 1) so that we can make arrangements for your access.

● Your ID will only work for your residence hall during the outlined appointment time period. You will not be permitted to access any other campus building during your appointment time period.

● When the move-out is complete, all keys should be dropped off at the University Police Department Lobby (321 E. Packer Ave.).

 Please note that no overnight stays on campus are permitted.

● Before coming to campus, both you and your designated movers need to review the following questions. If anyone answers yes to any of them, they are not permitted on campus:

○ Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms today or within the past 24 hours?

■ Fever >100.0 (37.8C) 

■ Subjective fever (felt feverish) 

■ Cough

■ Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

■ Chills 

■ Repeated shaking with chills

■ Muscle pain

■ Headache

■ Sore throat

■ New loss of taste or smell

■ Runny Nose

■ Nausea or Vomiting

■ Abdominal pain

■ Diarrhea (>3 loose/looser than normal stools/24hr period)

■ Eye symptoms (“pink eye”, red, itchy, watery eyes, eye discharge)

○ Have you had any contact with a person who is known to have or is suspected of having COVID-19?

○ Have you been tested for, or diagnosed with, COVID-19?

○ Are you currently under quarantine for possible exposure to COVID-19? 

● You must have a confirmed move-out appointment before you travel to campus. If you do not have a confirmed appointment, you will not be permitted to enter the residence hall. There will be no exceptions to this practice. 

Additionally, the university is taking the following precautions:

● Throughout each day, our custodial staff will continually disinfect public bathrooms, staircases and touch points.

● MASKS ARE REQUIRED FOR EVERYONE WHILE ON CAMPUS. As noted, those who are assisting with move-out will also need to abide by this campus requirement. Thank you for bringing your own masks.

● Hand sanitizers will be located by the main access doors to our residence facilities.

If, as a result of this information, you are not able to pick up your belongings, you can designate a proxy to pick up your belongings for you. Please complete this Proxy form (the form will become active when the appointment sign-up launches on June 1) if someone else will be picking up your belongings. This proxy form will serve as your authorization for your proxy to retrieve your personal belongings.

The sign-up for move-out appointments will go live on June 1 (you will be emailed instructions when the sign-up goes live) and will close on June 10. Appointments will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Again, thank you for your support and cooperation as we work to make this process smooth and safe for everyone. As always, do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or clarifications. Questions can be submitted via email to inhouse@lehigh.edu.

Thank you,

Housing Services