1.18.23: Operational Reminders for Clayton University Center Renovation

A message sent to students, faculty and staff from Facilities Interim Associate VP Don Pasda

Dear Members of the Campus Community,

I hope students have had an enjoyable winter break. As students return to campus and faculty and staff prepare for the start of a new semester, please be reminded that you will notice visible markers of site work beginning for the renovation of the Clayton University Center.

As the renovation progresses, our goal is to minimize disruption to daily campus activities as much as possible and to ensure that the important community and cocurricular activities that took place in the Clayton University Center will be able to continue in their usual and robust fashion in new locations. Please allow for more travel time as you identify and begin using the new routes (the map here notes the fenced areas).

Reservable meeting space: Student affairs staff have identified alternative reservable spaces for student organizations and clubs to use throughout the semester. Student groups can direct their questions to inucr@lehigh.edu and we will offer our assistance through the process.

Dining: Last week, students received reminders regarding new dining plans and adjustments related to the renovation.

The extended closure of the Clayton University Center may require flexibility and the establishment of new routines early in the semester, and while extensive planning will hopefully prevent most hiccups, it’s possible that there may be unanticipated adjustments along the way. We are committed to ensuring a smooth transition and responding to any needs that arise.

Summary of the Work In Progress

Over the winter break, fencing was installed around the full perimeter of the Clayton University Center parking lots, and lawn areas, including the Clayton University Center Lawn above and below Library Drive. Library Drive is closed. Trembley Drive will be closed in late January for pedestrian use only. Key areas will reopen as soon as possible as the project progresses.

As site work begins, the land around the site will be prepared with the clearing of vegetation and the implementation of erosion and sediment protection measures. We are currently performing interior demolition and abatement and preparing to begin site demolition and excavation. You can follow the exterior progress by viewing the camera feed showing the northeast side of the building. Inside the building, interior demolition has begun on the East side on the third and fourth floors and work will progress down the East side of the building over the next two months.

We are excited for work to begin on this important project, and we look forward to sharing major updates with the campus as work progresses. For more information please visit the project page and view photos on Instagram @lu_facilities.

Wishing all a safe and productive start to the new semester.

Don Pasda

Interim Associate VP

Director, Building and Utility Systems