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Waitlist Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that students who are given the opportunity to accept a space on the waitlist often have questions regarding this process. Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

A decision of “waitlist” means that the Committee on Admission found your application compelling and would like to continue to consider you for additional space in the class, as it becomes available. If you would like to continue in the admissions process with Lehigh University, we encourage you to accept a space on the waitlist.

We cannot determine the exact number of students on the waitlist because students have until the response deadline, noted in your Applicant Portal, to accept a place on the waitlist. However, we will only consider students who accept a space on the waitlist by the deadline for potential admission to the class. So we encourage you to accept a space on the waitlist if you would like to continue in the admissions process with Lehigh University.

Students on the waitlist are not ranked in any way. We will re-evaluate the applications of all students who accept a space on the waitlist for additional offers of admission to the class.

Yes, you can accept a waitlist space at multiple institutions.

Yes, you can. You should commit to one college by the deposit deadline. However, it is possible and likely that you will not receive a final notice from Lehigh until after that date. Should an offer of admission from the waitlist be extended to you after the deposit deadline and you ultimately decide to accept it, you will need to formally withdraw from the institution to which you previously deposited.

If you are offered admission from the waitlist, your decision will be updated in the portal and you will receive an email and admitted student packet.

Lehigh is need-aware in the waitlist process and any financial aid we can offer will be communicated at the time an offer of admission is extended.

Yes, all incoming first-year students will be provided housing. Incoming transfer students will need to reach out with the Office of Housing Services regarding residential life options at 610-758-3500 and identify themselves as an incoming transfer student.

Deferring an acceptance, or taking a gap year, is not an option for students accepting a spot in the class from the waitlist.

The best course of action is to connect directly with your region’s admissions counselor via email. We do not need additional recommendation letters and interviews are not available, but you are welcome to update your counselor on grades, achievements, or your continued interest in Lehigh.

Our process is designed to allow the use of the waitlist, so it is our intention to offer admission to students from the waitlist. The number of available spaces in the class will depend on how many of the students who were initially admitted to Lehigh decide to enroll. We will monitor the size of the class throughout the coming weeks and make offers of admission to the waitlist accordingly.

There is not an appeal process - all decisions are final.