Population Health

Master of Science (M.S.) Population Health Overview

The Master of Science (M.S.) in Population Health program teaches students to use data science to address health determinants with diagnosis, prevention, intervention, and more. The curriculum includes the foundations of population health, data science, qualitative research methods, population health survey methods, research ethics, and policymaking. The program pulls upon different methods to engage students in learning with research projects, experiential learning, and partnerships. Completion requires 42 credits through a mix of required and elective courses. In addition, students must do a research paper or project with consultation from a faculty member or internship site.

In the 4+1 accelerated programs, undergraduate students receiving a BS in Population Health or a BA in Community and Global Health who have a 3.5 GPA by their junior year can be automatically admitted into the MPH or the MS in Population Health. Students must take two graduate level courses as an undergraduate to qualify and are expected to start immediately after completion of the undergraduate degree.

Population Health Contact

Won Choi, PhD, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education: cohgrad@lehigh.edu | (610) 758-1800

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