Stories about sustainability

The strategy will provide a roadmap for lessening the university’s impact on the environment.

The new plan focuses on 113 goals across six strategic areas.

Lehigh joins Climate Mayors Electric Vehicle Purchasing Collaborative, an initial group of 11 universities and colleges who pledge to increase total electric vehicle commitments by 225 fleets, to almost 3,800 electric vehicles.

The university’s efforts are part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability.

Lehigh and Lafayette, Muhlenberg and Dickinson colleges join forces for unprecedented renewable energy purchase. It will be the 12th largest higher education renewable energy project, in terms of megawatts, in the country.

Olivia Barz ’19 participates in multiple environmental and sustainable initiatives at Lehigh.

Lehigh Dining joins movement to ban plastic straws as part of its sustainability efforts.

Lehigh installs 25 additional ‘smart’ waste-and-recycling bins across campus in continuing efforts in sustainability.

Their hopes are bolstered by the largest inventory in two decades.

Of all the needs we humans share, none is as unifying as our need for safe drinking water.