Stories about sociology

An analysis by Sirry Alang, associate professor of sociology and health, medicine, and society, suggests a new framework for dismantling white supremacy in public health.

Sociologist Hugo Cerón-Anaya studied three upscale golf clubs in Mexico City to explain wealth and privilege from the viewpoint of elites.

When people have a negative encounter with the police, they are less likely to think medical institutions have their best interests, says Professor Sirry Alang.

In a recent article, sociologist Ziad Munson explores the complex ways religion and the pro-life movement have intersected, an idea he also examines in his book, Abortion Politics, about how abortion in the U.S. has been “constructed as a controversial issue.”

Sociologist Hugo Cerón-Anaya's new book examines three upscale golf clubs in Mexico City and how inequalities are perpetuated in these spaces where the elite and the marginalized collide.

Heather Johnson studies the inverse of the glass ceiling—an “invisible safety net” that keeps children from historically advantaged groups from falling down the ladder of success.

Study finds that the higher the concentration of cocoa exports, the more elevated the rates of deforestation.

Arts alumni take differing views of the applicability of creativity to non-arts jobs, researchers find.

New research led by Kelly Austin, associate professor of sociology at Lehigh, explores unequal exchange in the coffee industry

New study led by Lehigh's Kelly Austin builds on evidence that human-induced changes to the natural environment are amplifying malaria transmission.