Stories about Joseph Helble

Lehigh community celebrates an alum, Joseph J. Helble '82, as Lehigh’s 15th president at Inauguration Festival.

The ceremony inaugurating Lehigh’s 15th president was held Friday in Tamerler Courtyard.

The schedule of events begins Friday, Oct. 15, with the formal inauguration ceremony of Helble as Lehigh’s 15th president.

Joseph J. Helble ’82 speaks at Tower Society’s annual meeting.

Upon his appointment as Lehigh’s 15th president, Joseph J. Helble ’82 answered questions about his return to his alma mater as its new leader, the experiences that have helped prepare him for this role, and his thoughts on the future of Lehigh and higher education.

Helble was selected from a broad and diverse pool of talented applicants.

Helble, currently provost of Dartmouth College, will assume the presidency on August 16.