Snack bar at the University Center, 1960.

Snack bar at the University Center, 1960.

Squawk: As a Student, Where Was Your Favorite Place to Eat at Lehigh?

The Lehigh Alumni Bulletin launches a new feature to capture alumni's online posts and reflections.


Say what?

The Lehigh Alumni Bulletin is launching a new feature, Squawk, which captures your online posts and reflections, in response to questions or fill-in-the-blank statements posted on Lehigh’s Alumni Facebook page and our other social media channels.

Before the publication of each issue, we’ll seek your comments on a new post about life at Lehigh–or seek your advice for new graduates or incoming students. Earlier this year, we asked you to reflect on your favorite place to eat on or near campus while you were a student.

Here are some of your responses:

--“Early 1990s Lehigh Cafe in the UC with the great historic photo and news clipping table tops. Then after eating going into the Red Lounge to catch up with friends.”
Jim Hernjak ’96

--“Goooooose, used to split a space shuttle with our dog sam”
John Doner ’85

--“I always liked quiet, so Brodhead House Dining Room. On the weekends we had to walk up the hill to join the crowds at University Center. UC had nice brunches on the weekends. Loved the waffle iron.”
Suzanne Seaman ’93

--“Rathbone - that view!”
Annie Boig McMullen ’07

--“There weren't many options in the early 80s unlike today!”
Christine Folk Hawk ’88

“Cort was the most cozy. That being said, there was nothing like eating a Rathbone omelet on a Sunday morning while overlooking the Valley.”
Andrea Dorothea Espinoza ’11

--“Theresa’s Fillmore St. Restaurant or the Fillmore Restaurant where we ate at what felt like the owners home. Had to dig deep to find this one from the 70’s.”
Gary Itzenson ’78

--"Pete’s Arena and the Lehigh Cafe with the Brown and White photos and articles from the past under the plastic tabletops."
Ed Lamb ’91

--I can't name just one! While I ate most of my meals at Rathbone, I also enjoyed the weekly Gryphon dinners at the UC. The UC Snack Bar was a fun place to go for pizza or an ice cream sundae. My favorite off-campus dining places were the Grotto (great place for date nights!) and Pete's Hot Dogs for Greekers. Fond memories.
Sybil F. Stershic ’75

--“The Phi Delta Theta dining room; seventeen meals a week for three years.”
Jim Flanagan

--“Campus Pizza!”
Dana Hontz Monticello ’92

--“Bridgeworks, Goose, Greekers (that’s in reverse order of sobriety)”
Tracy Bradley Frary ’89

--“I don't remember the name of our favorite hot dog shop. It was a storefront across the street from Pete's. ….”
Tom Luntz ’73

--“I always enjoyed The Grotto, tiny Italian restaurant right off campus always ordered their awesome eggplant parmigiana (priced at something like $3.75 in early 1980s😂)”
Carole Beisser Stubeck ’84

--“91-ish steps from Lower Cents up to Rathbone for most meals freshman year!”
Adam Kramer 97

You can read the rest of the posts on Facebook or comment here.


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