Research Review

2020 Volume No. 5

Research Review

People walking on a bridge with people swimming in the water below

Advocating for English Learners with Disabilities

Sara Kangas examines through multiple studies how state and federal policies and structural issues in schools can be barriers to learning.

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The Science of Friction

Anand Jagota works to develop new mechanisms to improve friction of soft materials—and make vehicle tires more effective.

Uğur Z. Peçe

The Untold Story of a Forgotten 'Civil War'

Uğur Z. Peçe has spent his career exploring the perilous conditions faced by minority populations in Turkey. In a new book, he sheds light on a sectarian conflict that remains lost to history.

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Human-Centered Algorithm Design

Eric Baumer’s work ranges from humanizing algorithmic designs to the socioeconomic inequities of Facebook and online data privacy.

Cubist painting

Narratives of a Gateway Movement

Art historian Nicholas Sawicki traces the rise of Cubism in Prague through the lives of two early collectors of Cubist art.

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Next-Generation Materials Science

Joshua Agar and his team have identified—and visualized for the first time—geometrically driven differences in ferroelectric domain switching.

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Letter From Our Leadership

The events of 2020 shed light on the enduring importance of university research and the people who do it.

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Bound Together by Humanity

The Lehigh Humanities Lab fosters discourse and expands horizons for faculty and students across disciplines.

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The Creation of Art & Knowledge

A Lehigh University Art Galleries exhibition of the work of faculty celebrates artists as researchers.

Artistic rendering of Lesley Chow's method of scaffolding for tissue regeneration

Inspired Regeneration

Lesley Chow and her team have demonstrated a new method to create continuous, highly organized scaffolds for tissue regeneration.

Child screaming while being given an injection in the arm

Information & Immunization

Shin-Yi Chou and Ernest Lai use the MMR-autism controversy to investigate how conflicting information figures into health decisions.

Illustration with colors in backbround and partial lettering reading data search engine

A Google for Datasets

A team of Lehigh researchers works to create a dataset search engine prototype that allows users to find data online regardless of domain.

Brexit-focused illustration with various images

A Diminished Britain?

Janet Laible edits a new book that examines the impact of Brexit on the European Union, which may be more of a problem for Britain than other EU nations.

A mother holding a child

A Mother's Toolkit

Fathima Wakeel seeks to identify the internal and social protective factors that help women cope with stress during pregnancy.

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Meeting in the Middle

Ethan Van Norman develops a quantitatively rigorous and user-friendly measure of the effectiveness of academic interventions.

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Is Board Independence Better?

Corinne Post and Andrew Ward test the theory that board independence builds stronger companies and better corporate governance.

Illustration of a germ holding guns

A Slow-Burn Problem

Lorenzo Servitje examines how different media forms have posited the idea of antibiotics.

Smoke coming from a factory smokestack

The Air We Breathe

Epidemiologist Hyunok Choi examines the environmental origins of asthma.

Cityscape with many buildings

A New Inequality

Sociologist Hugo Cerón-Anaya studied three upscale golf clubs in Mexico City to explain wealth and privilege from the viewpoint of elites.

Person in graduation cap and gown being arrested

Out of the Shadows

Germán A. Cadenas investigates the role of critical consciousness in undocumented students’ drive to complete college.

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Rise of the Machines

David Zhang is working to better understand the complicated relationship between technology and labor—and IT’s potential to eventually replace even higher-skilled workers.

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Greener Green Energy

Steven McIntosh demonstrates an environmentally safe procedure for the sustainable production of a variety of photocatalysts.

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Going Mobile

Rebecca Wang studies the effect of mobile shopping on customer loyalty, frequency and order size.

Kettle pouring tea into a cup

Decisions, Data & Diabetes

Jessecae Marsh investigates how people’s beliefs about causal relationships influence their thinking—and how an understanding of these beliefs might lead to better health outcomes.


Easy on the Eyes

Volkmar Dierolf’s work with gallium nitride-based LEDs could pave the way for more comfortable artificial light that’s better for human health.

Geometric shapes

Robots 2.0

Jeff Trinkle and his colleagues work to advance intrinsically safe soft robots, the future of human-machine collaboration.

On the Cover

In our enterprises and aspirations, in our relationships with each other and with the natural world, lie questions of depth and difficulty that are the province of scholars who labor to answer them, to inform others, and to teach their students to do the same. Welcome to research at Lehigh.


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