2019 Volume No. 4 Lehigh Research Review

Lehigh Research Review - 2019 Volume No. 4

“As we expand our campus community, build new facilities and move forward on important strategic initiatives—including our new College of Health—we continue to produce important work that informs and inspires the world.”

Patrick V. Farrell

Alan J. Snyder
Vice President and Associate Provost for
Research and Graduate Studies

Illustration of a nose bleed

Blood's Mysterious
First Responder

A team of Lehigh researchers works to better understand the mechanical properties of the von Willebrand Factor.

Illustration of coral forming the shape of a skull


Santiago Herrera seeks to understand the processes that shape population connectivity patterns in deepwater corals in the Gulf of Mexico.

Person dressed as Batman, crying


Christopher Liang and Nicole L. Johnson explore the impacts of gender role socialization on health and culture.

Person picking fruit from a tree

Immigration &

Ahmed S. Rahman examines the impact of lower-skilled immigrants on wage distributions in U.S. labor markets.

Silly illustrations

Brand As Friend, Brand As Foe

Marketers have for decades worked on brand anthropomorphism in an effort to build a stronger connection with consumers. Marina Puzakova’s work explores what happens when they succeed.


Shaping Biomedicine

The discovery of the scutoid could advance understanding of cell topology and the field of regenerative medicine.

Read More Stories

  • Making Energy Like the Sun
    Researchers explore two promising paths to creating sustainable energy through nuclear fusion.
  • Big Bang Query
    Rosi Reed maps how a mysterious Big Bang-produced substance, quark-gluon plasma, became all matter.
  • The Glass Floor
    Heather Johnson studies the invisible barrier that prevents some children from falling too far down the ladder of success.
  • Perceived Legitimacy
    Jihyun Kim studies how teachers perceive their teacher evaluation policy and the effects of that perception.
  • Cracking the (Bull)whip
    Oliver Yao demonstrates the causes and impact of the bullwhip effect on supply chains.
  • The Evolution of Word Meaning
    Barbara Malt studies how word meaning evolves—and how it reflects human thought processes.
Robot hand

A Complex Road to the Simplest Path

Lehigh researchers’ work in foundational optimization aims to improve our ability to learn from massive amounts of data.

Model of the human heart

Modeling the Heart

Yue Yu develops a mathematical model of the damage process of bioprosthetic heart valves to better understand the damage process over time.

Close up of cochlea

The Cochlea Question

R. Michael Burger and his team ask: How do neurons know what type of sound frequency to detect?

Two men

A Radical Art Movement

Mary Nicholas’ monograph tells the full story of Moscow Conceptualism.


The Unknown Experts of Archaeology

Alison Mickel examines the limiting labor practices of modern archaeological excavations.

A person holding up a photo

Prescribing Better Child Development

Patricia Manz develops curriculum to improve home visiting services for children with significant developmental needs.


The Power of Peatlands

Zicheng Yu studies peatlands, which are found in both arctic and tropical climates and can help reduce carbon accumulation in the atmosphere.

Illustration of a person

Mapping a Writer's Life & Legacy

Elizabeth Dolan celebrates English Romantic writer Charlotte Smith by tracing and telling her story.