Select Pandemic Recovery and Reopening Experts

Ahmed Rahman

Ahmed Rahman: Macroeconomics, Growth and Development, Financial Crisis Economics

Ahmed Rahman, associate professor in the department of economics at Lehigh Business, is an economics expert with research focusing on some of the big picture issues of economics, such as the long-run causes and consequences of economic growth, and the historic and contemporary relationships between economic and military power.

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Esther Lindstrom headshot

Esther Lindström: Special Education and Learning Loss

Professor Lindström's research focuses on improving instructional practices for students with disabilities and using assessments to systematically identify student needs and individualize instruction.

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George DuPaul

George DuPaul: Child psychology, Individuals with ADHD and Related Behavioral Disorders

George DuPaul is a professor of school psychology. Professor DuPaul conducts research on school-based academic and behavioral interventions for youth in K-12 settings, early intervention for children at risk for ADHD, and the assessment and treatment of college students with significant ADHD symptoms, with interests in health promotion and pediatric psychology.

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Liuba Belkin headshot

Liuba Belkin: Management

Liuba Belkin, associate professor in the department of management, is an expert on affect and emotions in organizational settings and the role of emotions in negotiations, trust relationships and managerial practices. Professor Belkin is available to discuss management styles as employees begin returning to work.

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Ozias Moore Headshot

Ozias Moore: Management

Professor Moore's research spans areas in organizational behavior and human resource management. The professor of management is available to discuss the different approaches to returning to work.

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Sara Kangas headshot

Sara Kangas: English Language Learners, Equity and Justice

Professor Kangas focuses on understanding how schools can create learning environments that support both the linguistic and academic needs of English learners with disabilities in K-12. The professor of special education is available to discuss learning loss, school reopening, and the support students in this population require.

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Thomas McAndrew Headshot

Thomas McAndrew: Biostatistics, Forecasting Infectious Diseases

Thomas McAndrew, assistant professor in the College of Health, is a computational scientist working at the intersection of biostatistics and data science, studying ensemble models, expert-prediction, and crowdsourcing for forecasting infectious diseases.

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Zach G. Zacharia

Zach G. Zacharia: Global Trade and Supply Chain

Zach G. Zacharia is an associate professor of supply chain management and director of the Center for Supply Chain Research at Lehigh. He is an expert on supply chain operations and global supply chain.

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