Lehigh in the Media

Henri J. Barkey, professor of international relations, talks with France 24 to discuss whether or not U.S.-Turkish ties are on a reset.

Eduardo J. Gómez, professor in Lehigh’s College of Health, joins NPR's Goats and Soda to talk about his latest book, Junk Food Politics.

Martin Harmer rethinks the interaction between human researchers and their scientific instruments.

Jodi Eichler-Levine explains how Disney intersects with religion in this NBC Think opinion piece.

In this STAT article, Michael Gusmano discusses possible concerns with a new Alzheimer's treatment.

Research from Liuba Belkin, professor of management, is featured in Yahoo! News.

Phillip Coles shares his expertise and experience in this WSJ piece.

Brooke DeSipio and Lehigh's Office of Gender Violence Education and Support are featured in this APA article.

In this article, Oliver Yao discusses technology and data science with Fortune.

In this opinion article, Marilisa Jiménez Garcia writes about what's at risk when books are banned.