Lehigh Researchers Improve Ventilator-Based Therapy for Patients and Caregivers

Research from Arindam Banerjee, professor of mechanical engineering, and colleagues is featured in 24x7 Magazine

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Emily Collins

24x7 Magazine featured Arindam Banerjee, professor of mechanical engineering, and colleagues in the article "How to Protect Healthcare Workers from COVID-19."

Researchers from Lehigh and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences sought the most effective methods for administering albuterol, a treatment used for patients on ventilators who may have pulmonary conditions related to COVID-19, via ventilator. 

"The research objective was to evaluate the efficiency of drug delivery when the nebulizer type and its placement were varied in the ventilator circuit," said Banerjee. 

The researchers found that a vibrating mesh, rather than a jet, nebulizer placed on the dry side of the humidifier delivers the highest dose to the lung. Administering albuterol through intubation works most effectively for smaller particles, while oral administration is more efficient for larger particles, reports 24x7 Magazine.

"Our results are vital for mechanical ventilator-based treatment," said Banerjee.

The full article can be read on the 24x7 Magazine website.

Story by

Emily Collins

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