Lehigh Ranks Among Top 10 in Online MBA Programs

Poets & Quants ranks Lehigh among the country's top online MBA programs for the fifth consecutive year.

College of Business

Lehigh continues its top 10 ranking as reported by Poets & Quants in its Top Online MBA Programs for 2022.  Lehigh ranked No. 9 out of top 52 ranked programs in the country. This is Lehigh’s fifth consecutive year to be named among the country’s elite online MBA programs.

In Poets & Quants annual ranking of online MBA programs, schools and recent graduates were surveyed to form the ranking of top online MBA programs. Rankings were based on three core dimensions: quality of the incoming students; graduates’ assessment of the MBA experience, both academic and extracurricular activities; and career outcomes of a program’s graduates. In offering a choice across seven concentrations, the Lehigh FLEX MBA program is designed to serve students from diverse backgrounds who have a wide range of industry experiences and career interests and future aspirations.

Graduates surveyed answered questions regarding career support and outcomes. Weighted at 40% within the Career Outcomes section was the percentage of graduates reporting a promotion and/or salary increase directly because of the MBA program.

The Lehigh FLEX MBA Program is designed for working professionals and can be completed on campus or online. The program is truly flexible when compared to traditional on-campus only MBA programs because students can seamlessly attend classes either on campus or online, at any time throughout the program.

“My favorite part of being in Lehigh’s online MBA program was the flexibility that was offered: being able to be in person for some classes and remote for others. During my MBA journey, I traveled for work, planned a wedding, relocated from NJ to RI, bought a house, trained for an Ironman, and focused through a pandemic … without missing a beat,” said Gena Petrunyak MBA ’21, reverse logistics manager, Johnson & Johnson.

“I grew to appreciate the connectedness and support between my different teams," she said. "As most of us were working professionals, we quickly learned the value of time management, prioritizing, and dividing and conquering. Doing so virtually became the norm that we were able to thrive and communicate in this unique environment.” 

The Lehigh FLEX MBA courses are offered through a live, synchronous online platform ClassroomLIVE. The integrated, web-based learning environment delivers programs in real-time from classrooms on Lehigh’s campus to students in their homes, offices, or hotel rooms when traveling. Students interact live with professors and other students during the class as it’s actually taking place on campus.

Learning online as a graduate student felt much more approachable than learning in-person as an undergrad," said Sari Dorn MBA ’21, project manager, Lockheed Martin. "The professors and students were relatable to the part-time learning situation. It also made meeting outside of class more enjoyable. Reducing the amount of commuting to in-person class made the learning experience more enjoyable with the ability to focus on the content.” 

To learn more about the Lehigh FLEX MBA program and its wide array of concentrations, visit business.lehigh.edu/flex-mba or contact Shawn Kennedy, graduate recruiting manager, via email at business@lehigh.edu or by phone at 610-758-4450.

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