'Kitchen Table Talks' Aim to Help Employers, Employees Cope During Pandemic

Lehigh Business faculty members share their expertise in a series of short video talks.

College of Business

Lehigh’s College of Business faculty members have a wide range of expertise on topics that are critical to people’s understanding of the continuing pandemic. To help keep employees and employers informed, Lehigh Business has created a multipart series of short video talks explaining some of today’s COVID-19 related headlines. The talks are free and run from five to 11 minutes each.

“Our cutting edge faculty research focuses on strategies for new ways of doing business,” says Georgette Chapman Phillips, the Kevin L. and Lisa A. Clayton Dean of the College of Business. “Putting these talks out now is our way of helping companies, and their employees, manageand even use this difficult time to innovate.”

"Kitchen Table Talks: Helping You and Your Business Cope During the Pandemic" were recorded by faculty members over the last two weeks from their homes where they found a quiet space in their kitchens, or basements, or living rooms to share insights on:

  • How supply chains work
  • Employee motivation
  • Why COBOL is slowing down unemployment checks
  • What financing options owners and employees have
  • A guide to the CARES Act
  • What to do about the stock market
  • How long until we get back to normal

Currently, there are 10 parts in the series with new topics in production. The talks are based on Lehigh Business faculty research and years of their practical experience with large and small businesses around the world.

Watch the videos.

 This series is being produced in conjunction with Vistex Institute for Executive Learning & Research at Lehigh which provides high-impact, short-duration programs for working professionals focused on useful concepts like you can find in these videos.

Story by Rob Gerth

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