Eduardo Gómez Featured in Newsweek Article on Coronavirus Reopening Plan

The associate professor in Lehigh's College of Health was asked about what restrictions could remain in place as the United States plans to reopen the economy.

Story by

Stephen Gross

Eduardo Gomez in his home office

Eduardo Gómez, associate professor in Lehigh's new College of Health, was interviewed by Newsweek and featured in an article posted on their website Wednesday.

In the article 'What is Phase One of Trump’s U.S. Coronavirus Reopening Plan?' Gomez specifically speaks about what restrictions will remain after Phase One of the Trump Administration’s plan is implemented.

Gomez told Newsweek “the good news is that the vulnerable population is going to be taken care of and that is of course a priority. But we know that isolating the vulnerable is not going to be enough, because if you don't ensure that family members are taking proper responsibility, vulnerable people are still going to get infected by family members coming back to the house."

He also discusses the plans being established for a phased return to work for employers who currently have staff working remotely.

The full article, along with all of Gomez’s comments, can be found at

Story by

Stephen Gross

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