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Lehigh Launches Center for Digital Marketing Strategy and Analytics

Center will help organizations understand how to benefit from big data, AI, cloud computing and the Internet of Things.

6.18.21: Fall 2021 Move-In Information

A message sent to students.

Lehigh and Connecticut College Partner to Cultivate Talented Students into MS in Management Program

4+1 partnership enables Connecticut College liberal arts and STEM students access to graduate management education.

Liuba Belkin Explains the Importance of Unplugging After Work Hours

The professor of management encourages disconnecting after-hours in this TechTarget article.

Holona Ochs Discusses Policing and Mental Health With The Pocono Record

The professor of political science suggests ways officers and mental health professionals can improve the ways mental heath calls are handled. 

Dominic Packer Analyzes Identity in LA Times Opinion Article

The professor of psychology looks into why bystanders fail to intervene when strangers need help.

6.7.21: Important Deadlines for Fall 2021

A message sent to Lehigh students and families. 

Ethan Van Norman Receives APA’s Prestigious Lightner Witmer Award

The APA’s Division of School Psychology early career award recognizes Van Norman’s significant contributions to the field.

6.2.21: Updated Workplace COVID-19 Safety Guidance

A message sent to staff and shared with faculty. 

The Path to More Human-like Robot Object Manipulation Skills

In a Science Robotics article, Ph.D. candidate Jinda Cui and Jeff Trinkle examine current research in learned robot manipulation, offer nine promising areas for future exploration.

Jesus Salas Shares Financial Advice for Recent Grads

In this InvestorPlace article, the professor of finance explains how new graduates can get a handle on their finances right out of school. 

Go: The Campaign for Lehigh: Forging Ahead

These are unprecedented times for both the world and for Lehigh. But, in true Lehigh fashion, our community continues to take action to generously support Lehigh and assure its continued excellence.

Remembering Professor Jerzy A. Owczarek: Accomplished Teacher, Researcher

Owczarek discovered important phenomenon of reflecting pressure pulses between turbomachinery blades.

Valerie Taylor: Using Virtual Reality to Improve Interracial Interactions and Diversity in STEM

Valerie Jones Taylor has been awarded a National Science Foundation CAREER Award to demonstrate the effectiveness of virtual reality as a training tool to improve interracial interactions and aid in diversifying the STEM pipeline.

Seismologist Anne Meltzer Helped Lead Rapid Response to the Pedernales Earthquake in Ecuador

Meltzer joined colleagues from the Instituo Geofisica at Escuela Politécnica Nacional in Quito to deploy 55 seismometers on land and 10 ocean-bottom seismometers above the rupture zone and adjacent areas to record aftershocks. 

Dana Seiden ’10 is Living Her Dream—And Paving a Path for Women in Sports

Seiden is vice president, chief of staff at Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment, the group that owns and operates two of the professional sports teams she was a fan of as a child.

Staying Connected in the Pandemic

Five volunteer leaders reflect on lessons learned—and new opportunities

John D. Simon: Building Excellence and 'A Culture of Possibility'

As Lehigh’s president, John D. Simon worked to raise the ambition of the entire university. As his tenure ends, he shares his reflections on his years at Lehigh, and the university’s many achievements over the past six years.