A message from the Lehigh University Alumni Association (LUAA) Board of Directors

Sent to alumni.

Dear Fellow Lehigh Alumni,

The deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Rayshard Brooks, and other violent acts against Black Americans have shaken the soul of our country. As the spotlight focuses on systemic racial discrimination in our society, we recognize there remains much to be addressed – even here at our beloved Lehigh.

The Lehigh University Alumni Association (LUAA) Board of Directors strongly supports Lehigh’s actions for Lehigh to become an actively antiracist institution. On behalf of the LUAA board we invite all alumni to be fully engaged and an active participant in the process. 

We can help by learning more about antiracism, and how racism is formed and manifested in our events, campus, and society in subtle ways. We should also seek a deeper understanding of our diverse alumni communities so that LUAA is empowered to swiftly denounce racist activities, and help ensure an inclusive experience for all students and alumni alike. 

We recognize that this effort will be lengthy and further develop over time. We are all learning, and this process could be, at times, difficult. 

We welcome feedback and ideas from all our alumni on this journey. We are all One Lehigh. 


Lehigh University Alumni Association Board of Directors

Gary Chan ‘80, President 

Jessica Huertas ‘94, Senior Vice President